17 November 2009

A ring. A string. A mystery.

There is an old wives tale that if a ring on a string is dangled over a pregnant woman's stomach, the ring will reveal whether she is going to give birth to a boy or a girl. If the woman is having a boy, the ring will swing in a circular motion; if she is having a girl, the ring will swing back and forth. The ring test held true for Ari, Emilie, and Piper. We did the test on Angela a few weeks ago, and it predicted a boy; sure enough, Angela's ultrasound confirmed she is having a boy.

When we did the test on Angela, Ari wanted us to try it on him; so he laid down and I held the ring over his stomach. Nothing happened. I tried it on Valerie, nothing happened (thank goodness). I then tried it on Angela again. I held the ring perfectly still right over her stomach, and sure enough, is slowly started to swing in a circle all by itself.

I was intrigued. Why is this so? Why does the ring swing over a pregnant stomach and not another. Does the baby emit some sort of energy that is lost once it is born? Does the mother? I scoured the internet to find the answer only to come up short. Unfortunately, I still do not know what exactly makes that ring swing. I was, however, able to discover if the ring would swing over a person who is not pregnant.

Determined to find out what, if any, part of the body made the ring move in a non-pregnant person, I volunteered Ari to be part of my experiment. He happily laid down on the floor as I dangled the ring over his stomach. Not surprisingly, it stayed perfectly still. I moved the ring over his head, nothing happened. He then got antsy and started batting the string around while I was trying to hold it still, so I had to find another volunteer. So much for having a three-year-old as part of my experiment.

Valerie reluctantly agreed to be part of my madness. I think she may have been a bit intrigued, too. I first had her hold out her hand and dangled the string over it; nothing happened. She laid down and I held the string over other areas of her body. Did the ring move over her head? No. Chest? No. Stomach? No. I moved the ring further down the length of her body to over her female area, and viola! The ring started to move back and forth. I then tried it on Ari in the same area of his body, and it swung in a circle, they tried it on me and it swung in a circle, too. We couldn't get Emilie to hold still long enough to try it on her, so we couldn't make it four-for- four.

Mystery solved! Well, one of the mysteries at least. The ring can move on it's own over a non-pregnant body as long as it is held over the right spot. Sure enough, the right spot is an area on the body that distinguishes gender; so that makes it a very valid test for pregnant women with consistent results. I still do not know why the ring swings one way for males, and another for females. If anyone knows the answer or has any theories, I'd love to hear them.


  1. I love how you wrote this, Luke! This is really fascinating! Could it have something to do with that 'chakra?' I wonder?

  2. i tried this out myself and yes you are 100% right. i hover my ring over my tummy and it circles, i hover over myself and it rocks back and forth. i intend to test it out more on my mum and 4yr old nephew but i really do think you are on to something

  3. Thanks Anonymous! I'm glad you tried on yourself with consistent results. I am amazed how accurate it is; it never fails. Gotta love consistent data!

  4. Intrigues me..im positive im pregnant but the doctor refuses to listen to me..my MIL swears by this method so she dangled a family heirloom necklace over my belly and it swung in such strong circles that the necklace was hitting her arm..it then switched without stopping to very wide side to side swings..she had a dream i was carrying twins before we even told her we were expecting..i totally called bogus on this test ..UNTIL i tried it on every other person in my house at the time there were 5 females 5 kids and 4 males..they all palyed part in my experiment ..i used only bellies..and my belly is the only one the necklace moved over! Since then ive done if about 5 times a day every day..and never have i gotten a different result..even using it over my wrost..it shows my daughter(circles)stops side to side(miscarriage-son)stops little circles(miscarriage daughter) stops..circles big sways side to side very big(these movements are very strong-stops circles-stops-side to side. Stops- circles..so far its been pretty accurate..did the wrist to all the adults as well..and it was right every time it listed the correct genders in the corrections orders..
    I was a skeptic but now i believe in its accuracy

    1. Curious...were you pregnant with twins?



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